The Zombie Bankers are now blaming the Mortgage Brokers for the financial meltdown. Meanwhile the philospher Michael Sandel inspired a character in The Simpsons named Charles Montgomery Burns (Sandel’s Evil Twin.) Now that’s called fame.

Maybe the crew at The Simpsons will take a cue and create a character based on Simon Johnson who leads the charge as the folks in Springfield, who are plain fed up, storm and takeover the local branch of Zombie Bank, with James Kwak and Homer Simpson bringing up the rear.

Mug Shots

Simon Johnson, former Chief Economist IMF, currently Professor at MIT, Blogger

James Kwak

AB Harvard, PhD Berkeley, Yale Law School 2011, software entrepreneur, blogger

Michael Sandel philosopher and inspiration for the Simpson's character Charles M. Burns

Charles M. Burns Springfield Oligarch (Sandel's Evil Twin)



July 4th, 2009